Contract-Based Jobs

We provide employment on a contract basis. Employees are hired for a particular job and are paid at a specific rate for a certain period. All employees are chosen on the basis of their skill and efficiency. We supply these contracts to MNCs for CAD Designers that are equipped with the ability to create, modify, analyze, and optimize a design. They use the software to increase the productivity of the design, improve communications through documentation as well as create a database for manufacturing.

Employees on Contract

There are two types of employment contracts in our company: The employees will be provided for a period of 6-12 months. Generally, we follow these guidelines
  1.   Limited working hours that are defined at the time of employment.
  2.  Fixed rate of payment, based on the number of hours and work.
The contract has specified requirements that lead to termination of the contract once completed.

We operate in a way that avoids costly failures and reduces the need for a contingency budget. We take advantage of our drawing capabilities by documenting the layout process and selection of the equipment. We add the necessary requirement needed for the well functioning of the product. We then continue planning and sequencing the process by leveraging information, knowledge and technology.

Key Differentiators

Offer Management & Recruitment

  • Collect offer Requisition
  • Request offer letter
  • Participate in Follow-ups
  • Join discussions of Requirements and Documentation
  • Background Verification

Attendance and Payroll Management

  • Tracking of Attendance and Timesheet
  • Online Tax Reports, IT Declaration.
  • Disbursement of Payment On Time
  • Handling Payroll/Tax Queries

Statutory Compliance Management

  • Provident Fund
  • Professional Tax
  • Compensation of ESIC/Workmen
  • Welfare of Labours
  • Income Tax
  • Minimum Wages/Gratuity

Exit management

  • No dues clearance
  • Final Settlement
  • Rechecking Offer Letter
  • Online transfer/Withdrawal

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