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Our firm deals with product design and manufacturing. We provide customers with top-notch CNC Welding machines, Holding Fixtures, Jigs and so on. These products are customized to the client’s satisfaction. We offer both ready-made as well as tailor-made items. Before the final construction of each product, we offer a sample to ensure there is no flaw or unsatisfactory detail. Here at Vardhaman Engineering, we care about your needs and discuss them with you beforehand. Every one of our products is launched after scouting the marketplace. We analyze the processes to identify and ultimately determine how many components can be produced in a specified period of time in the plan. We study the manufacturing concept using our experience here to give you the very best.

Standard Product

Standard products are basically direct materials. With this type, you would be receiving a pre-made item. Direct materials are the main component that we use in our products and when you look at the finished product, you can tell how much was consumed in terms of direct materials. For example, when you look at a chair, it is easy to determine that the chair consumed two meters of wood and ten nails. These direct materials are our forte. They are our standard products that later help to build new commodities.

Tailor-Made Product

One of the most important things in production is to have a prototype made because that is going to test the aesthetics of the product. It helps us to check the feel and functionality prior to submitting the final design to the factory. Our tailor-made feature entails improvising this prototype to the customer’s satisfaction. We make changes or add assets according to each specification. It helps to give a layout process for your product which is an important boost to start.

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