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Be Relaxed with Google Cloud Backup & Storage solution for your Critical & Confidential Data
Loss of data is a nightmare for every business owner!
Google Cloud Storage & Backup is most Secured, Scalable, Maintenance-less and Cost effective solution that best fits all businesses of any size.
Small, Medium or even enterprise businesses are more worried about backing and storing their increasing but confidential data. Keeping data on local drives (Hard Drives, NAS, SAN, etc) is more risky than storing it on cloud due to many reasons. Cloud storage is now very commonly used backup solution by many small and medium businesses as it ensures affordability, reliability, security, and unlimited storage option.

Google Cloud Storage and Backup is beneficial for all types of businesses. It is a great platform that does not require any huge investment and it can be actively used for connecting and collaborating with clients and employees. With the most secured Google Cloud Platform, you get unlimited storage and backup solution to store your business critical data in real time and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, any device.

Benefits of Google Cloud Storage and Backup:

  • Cost-Effective: Businesses can completely save on Hardware, Power, Space, Resources, Time, Manageability, etc
  • Usability: Easy to use for any computer user
  • Accessibility: Access from Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device with necessary user authencity (Password, OTP, 2 Factor Authentication)
  • Synchronization: Seamlessly synchronize your data in real time
  • Collaboration: Easily share and collaborate files with your peers with authorized users
  • Document versions: Versions are maintained with changed files that can be reviewed anytime
  • Scalability: Data storage capacity can be scaled to any size on a single click
  • Data Security: Data is stored on redundant servers with necessary enterprise-grade security in place
  • Disaster Recovery: Data is stored in multiple data centers for disaster recovery

Google G Suite
With our certified engineers and our strong expertise on Google Cloud, we can offer you Google G Suite for all business sizes from single user to millions of users with complete technical support, integration, migration, training and management
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Cloud ERP (ProERP)
ProERP is an completely Integrated Cloud ERP built on Google Cloud Platform to help digitize your business processes such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Production, Projects, Sites, HRMS, Payroll, CRM, Supply Chain, etc. & "Pay as you go"
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Cloud Infrastructure
We can help you deploy your complex applications, databases, storage backups and much more with Google's complete and highly secured IT Infrstature on Cloud, ensuring 99.99% uptime. What's more... No Upfront cost. Pay as you go.
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