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Don't invest in any ERP. Be SURE it MEETS your CURRENT & FUTURE requirements.
Google Cloud ProERP - First TRY, Then BUY


Our Clients are Confident on ProERP. We want you too, to be Sure before Investing


We bet, many of the businesses have invested heavily on digitizing their business processes by Implementing some ERP or any Legacy but Isolated Systems and Failed due to many reasons. Reasons could be like; System Understanding, Adopting Change, Staff Negligence / Ignorance, Complexity, Training and Support Issues, and the most important is Non-Customizable and Non-Upgradable with the business growth, and many more.

With our strong research on understanding these issues, we built a Cloud ERP in association with Google Cloud (ProERP) and implemented in variety of industry segments before launching. Now we have a proven track record of 100% Successful Implementation and Live in Production. Nevertheless, highly customized as per client needs and upgradable to any extent on a single click.

Google Cloud ProERP can be accessed from Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device and can be setup in just 10 minutes. Modules included are Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Production Planning, Project Management, CRM, HRMS & Payroll, Supply Chain, etc. So go ahead and Register for Trial NOW.

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On-Premise Traditional Systems Vs Cloud ERP Systems (ProERP)

On-Premise Traditional Systems

  • Heavy Upfront Cost on Infrastructure
  • Heavy Maintenance cost of Infrastructure
  • Dedicated and skilled resources needed
  • Upgrades and updates needed at extra cost
  • Limited life due to fast technological changes
  • Not secured as can’t implement all security parameters
  • Increased downtime and failures
  • Limited access of system (Installed location)
  • Can’t scale with business growth
  • Limited or No customization possible
  • Dependent on Software & Hardware Vendor

ProERP by Google Cloud

  • No Upfront cost. Only pay for system usage
  • Zero Maintenance Cost
  • No skilled resources required
  • Auto updates and upgrades without extra cost
  • Lifelong as gets upgraded with technology
  • Total secured with all worldwide security compliances
  • 99.99% assured uptime
  • Access from Anywhere-Anytime-Any Device
  • Highly Scalable on a single click
  • Highly customizable
  • Self-Configurable hence less dependable

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