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Generate High Quality Leads, Web Presence & Web Traffic
with our "First Try, Then Opt" Smart 45 days SEO Program


B2B buyers are researching online for their business procurements...


Digital Marketing is NOT ONLY about Increasing Website Traffic or Top Ranking on Search Engines. Most of the Digital Marketers keep pouring water (Traffic) in a leaky bucket, whereas Zoom Your Traffic Web Solutions (ZYT), serving more than 300 clients worldwide, had been focussing on helping GENERATE HIGH QUALITY LEADS using appropriate tools of online marketing.

Key objective of the Smart 45 Program:

  • Increase Business Connect / Leads: Web form submissions, Phone call clicks, Email clicks, Downloads, Emails, Messages...etc.
  • Improve Web Presence: Website indexation, Url inspection, impressions, clicks, no. of search queries, CTR, average positioning…etc.
  • Improve Web Traffic: Users, sessions, page views, pages per session, avg. session duration, bounce rate, geography…etc.
  • Test the Taste: Before signing for long duration SEO contract and investing huge hard earned money, First "Try and Test" the Taste of our 45 days Program.

What Smart 45 program Includes?

  • Assessment for 100% Google Search & SEO Ready Website. Our team will create a detailed report for –
    • Getting website quickly and correctly indexed on Google search so that the website is visible to the users organically (without paid ads) on Google search.
    • Once the users get on the website, what are they doing? How is the experience? Are they getting what they are searching for? Are they taking any actions on website? If not why? What could trigger them to take action? Are there enough call to actions to capture user info / leads for further marketing?...etc.
    • Corrections on the website based on the audit report
  • Keyword research and categorization
  • Google search console and analytics setup with goals and event tracking mechanism
  • Other online properties audit and corrections (like social media, forums, local directories, Google My Business, blogs…etc.)
  • A detailed 6 months road-map for on-going promotion
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